Working language in teaching and examinations will be English.

Teaching is delivered in a state of the art distance learning environment and will be supported by personal over the internet communication. Apart from that, lectures that are delivered face-to-face will be presented on the PUAS campus, Athens, Greece.

While studying online you will engage with a wide range of digital platforms, including e-portfolios and virtual learning environments.

 Access to high speed networking facilities will be provided that support a variety of electronic communication and access to an extensive digital library of research texts and journals. Students will have their personal ids and passwords in both Universities and therefore access to the libraries and the academic resources.

Pireaus University of Applied Sciences


The Pireaus University of Applied Sciences  (PUAS) is made up of 2 schools with over 20 approved postgraduate courses in all specialties.

The postgraduate degree courses are run either independently or in collaboration with other institutions and universities from abroad.